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Companies today are inundated with paper documents. File cabinets are overflowing and retrieval of paper documents can be difficult. With KYOcapture the everyday pains of document capture, processing and routing are eliminated. KYOcapture is a robust Document Capture Workflow Solution designed to simplify every day distributed scanning and storing of documents in any mid-sized to enterprise office environment.

KYOcapture, Powered by AutoStore, is an all-encompassing Document Capture Workflow solution designed to provide your business with the features that are essential to improve your business's document management strategy.

The KYOcapture process involves multiple components custom designed to fit your demanding business requirements.

The KYOcapture Process Simplified
1. Take any KYOcapture enabled Kyocera Multifunctional Product (MFP)
2. Combine robust KYOcapture software that connects the MFP to the back end Document/Content Management system
3. Connect directly to most existing or new Document/Content Management Systems

You now have a distributed capture solution that can be customized for your critical business requirements.

With KYOcapture, you can boost your everyday productivity and manage your document process in one integrated solution.

What can KYOcapture do for your business?
- Capture documents from any KYOcapture enabled Kyocera MFP, e-mail, fax machine, or desktop network folders
- Process the documents using any combination of the robust components available through KYOcapture, including full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, Zone OCR, Form Processing, Image Management, Document Security, and much more
- Route scanned or captured documents to an existing Document/Content Management System, network folder, or Database Management System

KYOcapture is the ideal solution for any company looking to

Electronic or paper-based documents to most existing or new Document/Content Management Systems

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