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KYOcapture Express

Do all of your scanned documents reside in one folder on your network? Are they difficult to find because they are not named or indexed properly?

What if there was a simplified way to name and index these scanned files directly from the MFP control panel for easy search and retrieval? Kyocera’s KYOcapture Express can do just that, and more.

Key Benefits of KYOcapture Express:
- Scan and Index Documents Directly from the MFP Control Panel
- OCR Documents for Full-Text Search Capabilities
- Easily Upgrade to KYOcapture Basic Server Package and Optional Components as Your Business Needs Grow
- Create custom workflow to meet your document management needs

KYOcapture Express, Powered by Autostore, comes standard with multiple components that are designed to simplify the process of basic document capture for small and medium sized businesses. Designed with you, the end user in mind, this document capture workflow solution can be configured to meet the specific scanning needs of your organization.

Kyocera MFP Connection
KYOcapture Express can connect to any KYOcapture-enabled Kyocera MFP simply and easily. By selecting the Send/Scan function on the device you can scan paper-based documents to a specified location on your network. Pre-determined workflows, or processes, are available through the control panel of the MFP. Simply select the appropriate workflow, enter the pre-determined index fields, and your documents are on their way.
Searching for documents after scanning can be a challenge, especially if all of the documents reside in one network folder. With KYOcapture Express your network folders, or other designated storage location, will become an organized location for all of your scanned documents. Document names and index fields entered at the control panel are automatically associated with the scanned document for easy searching capabilities.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
KYOcapture Express comes standard with ABBYY Basic OCR capabilities. When scanning a document to a designated location ABBYY Basic OCR will read the content of the document and automatically convert it to a searchable PDF file. Now you have the ability to search a PDF document for specific words or phrases, greatly reducing the time spent reading an entire document when you are only looking for a specific reference to something.

Notification Option
KYOcapture Express workflows can be configured to automatically notify a user when a new document has been scanned. When notification is turned on a user will receive an e-mail letting them know the status of a specific job. The scanned document can also be attached to the e-mail if this is required. E-mail notification can be configured to notify a user when scans have been successful or when a scan has failed.

Workflow Tracker
Tracking user activity within a business can be imperative to certain businesses everyday workflows. Using the workflow tracker component of KYOcapture Express users are prompted to enter a username and password at the MFP control panel prior to scanning a document. This allows an administrator to track who is actively using specific workflows within the system and where their scanned documents are being stored.

The KYOcapture Express Route component is designed to route scanned documents to a specified location such as a user’s PC, Network Folder, or designated e-mail address. The individual workflow will route a document to its specified location, enabling workflows to act as unique processes for different types of scanned documents.
The complete list of route components currently available are:
- Sent to Printer
- Send to Folder
- Send to FTP/SFTP Server
- Send to e-Mail
- Send to Lan Fax
- Send to Lotus/Domino
- Send to Microsoft® SharePoint
- Send to Database
- Send to MS Exchange®

KYOcapture Express offers optional components that you can add in order to meet your business requirements. Whether you require Basic Barcode Recognition, Image Enhancement, or more advanced components, KYOcapture Express can be configured to meet your needs.

Basic Image Enhancement
Image enhancement is an important part of any document capture workflow solution. This feature allows you to clean up the appearance of a document after it has been scanned. Paper-based documents can become crumpled, marked, or dirty over time. With the image enhancement capabilities of KYOcapture Express your scanned files can be de-speckled (removes unwanted marks on the page) and de-skewed (straighten a skewed/crooked document) every time they are scanned to ensure the best quality for all of your scanned documents.

Basic Barcode Recognition
The Barcode Recognition component is used to read 2D barcodes from a scanned document. These basic barcodes are ideally used when a user is scanning a large number of documents at one time. Once the barcode is read on the document, KYOcapture Express will associate the embedded data and index fields with the scanned document and perform the necessary process and route procedures. Barcodes can also be used as separator sheets on batch scan jobs. Simply place the entire batch of documents to be scanned in the document processor of the MFP. When scanning a document with barcode separator sheets the designated workflow will recognize each barcode sheet as the start of a new document and process it accordingly.

Business requirements and processes evolve over time, and so can your document capture workflow solution. KYOcapture Express is designed as a scalable solution that can grow as your business grows.

KYOcapture Express offers an upgrade option to KYOcapture, Enterprise Document Capture Workflow Solution. Now your business can migrate from their existing KYOcapture Express workflows and processes to a more robust, enterprise document capture and management solution.

KYOcapture, Powered by AutoStore, offers robust capture, process, and route components, allowing you to integrate your iTag solution with your company's every day business requirements and processes.

Why Upgrade to KYOcapture?
- Your image processing and management needs have grown over time
- Your business requires a more robust document workflow with additional components not available through KYOcapture Express
- Advanced Barcode recognition, Zone OCR, and/or forms processing has become a main requirement of your everyday business activities
- You would like to deploy your document management initiative across multiple departments or enterprise wide
- You need to interface KYOcapture Express with existing, legacy or core business applications

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